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Mr. Chetan Patel

Mr. Chetan Patel founder & author of "Live Positive Life" (LPL) with his vision to do better for the world. In his own words, his vision behind Live Positive Life (LPL) is, “to spread positivity, good thoughts, love and healthy relationships globally. I want each and every person in this world to be a part of Live Positive Life directly or indirectly.”

A person of humble beginnings, Mr. Chetan Patel has faced many adversities in his life, but his love for life helped him through each one of them. His sheer resolve, combined with his years of hard-work helped him be the man he is today. Owing to his love for Travelling and exploring new places and people. He has spent his time, working, learning, exploring, meeting a diverse variety of people and gathering stories; stories that he wants to share through Live Positive Life (LPL). Chetan Patel’s travels have not been limited to just one country, or even just one continent, he has traveled far and wide, it is his heart’s desire to share everything he has learned in his travels. Following the philosophy of “Sharing is Caring”, he wishes to share with people all over the world his experiences and thoughts along with the numerous lessons he has learned in his few but significant years on the earth.

 Live Positive Life (LPLas an organization is an amalgamation of thinkers and writers, who all share Mr. Chetan Patel’s vision of creating a more positive and well-balanced world. Positive thinking can help transform your mental life, boosting your daily happiness levels and accelerate your expedition onto your path to success. The benefits of a more positive outlook can also extend to your physical health in some interesting and surprising ways. Positive thinking produces many favorable results for people who keep their mind in a good shape. People who think positively have an optimistic view of life that affects their health and well-being, it helps them leave the negative energies behind and embrace life in all of its beauty. Thinking negatively can have an opposite effect because pessimistic thoughts will bring the same results, they will make you see just the bad and the dreary, ultimately dwindling your desire towards life. Positive thinkers approach obstacles in life more productively and have an easier time overcoming them.

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