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For appointments regarding “Life GuidancePersonal Coaching / Teachings and Personality Development, please write us on given email or whatsapp us on given number in between working hours.



I am getting thousands of requests for discussion on phone calls and for the telephonic meeting. And I sincerely appreciate your love, affection, and feelings for me. However telephonic meeting will neither be possible nor solve any of your problems. Please, don't expect for telephonic meetings for guidance. I can only guide you on “How to live life positively and how to overcome fear, stress and negative thought. I can guide on how to become confident and help you to improve your personality and soft skills, But after my guidance, your confidence, thoughts, effort, and actions are all matters, As I always insist, "I cannot solve your problems, only YOU can."


I am sorry to say that I won't be able to accept your invitation/association because I spend most of my time in solitude and speak only when I feel like speaking. So please do not contact me for any kind of seminar, lecture, conference, social gatherings, awards, events, political discussions, business offers, etc. To be honest and straightforward, I am not interested in anything at all, irrespective of what your offer is.