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Mr. Chetan Patel  (Life Coach, Motivator & Businessman) has managed to buit the platform called “Live Positive Life” this platform is socially built for those who find themselves filled with disappointments, frustrations, pain and trials beyond our expectations. Here at we “Live Positive Life” (Chetan Patel) are helping people’s to how to find themselves, finding path, finding strength and to live better life. Chetan Patel’s (LPL) Where you will find all your a key of all your personal problems, negative thoughts and fear. Where you will learn how to get out of negativity, fear and to built a positive attitude within.

March 7, 2018
7 things that are making your life more difficult than it should be

7 Things That Are Making Your Life More Difficult Than It Should Be

Sometimes, we are the ones who are making life difficult for ourselves. As if life wasn’t hard enough, we keep thinking and doing things that have […]